Can any Scottish tmp'ers loan me a set of clash cymbals


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We need to borrow a set of clash cymbals for Kaleidoscope at the Scottish Championships. If you can help me out then please reply here or PM me.




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Well buy some then you tight fisted Scots!!!!! :wink: :wink:

I'm up next week, could perhaps get hold of one set but definately not two! Will see what I can do.


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Hi Laura! When u comin up? If your popping into TR then i'll try to come to the rehersal to say hello! You want us to buy cymbals!??!?! Good golly - you know how hard it is for us even to buy a round of drinks! :lol: Buying new cymbals would really push the boat out! :p



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Please can I ask that you respect johnmartin's original post and his request for help in locating a set of clash cymbals for the area's. This thread has already been 'modded' once today, so let's only reply with relevant information please.

It is no good John watching the topic if whenever a reply is posted and he returns to the topic only to find off-topic discussion where he might have been hoping for a thumbs-up for the borrowing of a set of clash cymbals.


is most of the percussion not being supplied for Scottish. Our band is also playing Kaleidoscope so if we need to take the clash cymbals with us it may be possible for you to borrow them on the day, but that will not help with rehearsals sorry.


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I'll see if I can get hold of a pair. Will be about next week but (unfortunately) my baritone has gone to be mended so no practising for me gutted as I am :wink:


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Don't know much about percussion but I would say the bigger the better as it will allow the sound to ring more. We will need them from as soon as you can get them until March 13th.


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