Calling past members of Murton Colliery


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This year Murton Colliery celebrates it's 120th anniversary. To celebrate the band are holding a gala concert sometime in October with a guest soloist. The bands junior section will also feature. We would like to track down as many past members as possible with the aim of inviting them to this event. Also we are looking for any photos of the band right through to the present time and any memoribilia concering the band. These we would like to borrow to stage a display in the foyer of the concert hall. If anyone can help please pm or email me


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Hi Michelle

Thoroughly enjoyed conducting the band tonight on my old stamping ground - thanks for inviting me!! Great to see so many old friends for the 20th anniversary of the miners strike.

I know 5 old players from Murton from 1983 and will pass the message on to them. Why not have a reunion party night as well as a formal concert. One thing all ex Murton players have in common is they like a drink!! :D


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Party is already in the planning stages . We think we're going to make it into a Christmas Party. That way we can spend the full night drinking as well as having a drink after the concert . Thanks for your help last night. The band enjoyed themselves. No doubt you'll be invited back very soon

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