Calling all non-banders

Hi everybody.
Are there any non-banders about on this forum. I was pondering this thought as i observed that in 'the rehearsal room' all the topics relate to brass banding.
Anyone who knows me will know that recently I have left/been chucked out of a brass band for missing four rehearsals (three of the days were university concerts) and "they need full commitment for the Grand Shield", whether they want me to re-join after the Grand Shield i don't know, but I'm not going back and, without wishing to offend anyone, I'll be quite happy if it's the last i see of brass bands.

Any thoughts or views?


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Took the words right out of my mouth (only I might not have been quite so polite) :twisted:

Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and go join a "BETTER" band.

Dave Euph

Heh heh, you didn't listen to me did you! :D ... OK, I'll explain again ...

Brass banding isn't all about contesting, and not all of them do get worked up about contests, unlike with your previously ambitious band. Let's face it, they were going places and they quite rightly knew they needed full-commitment fo such a big contest.

But unfortunately contesting is a big part of banding. I thought you were looking for a non-contestng band? Anyhow, perhaps playing in a lower section will lower the pressure, and therefore your frustration.

I told you recently that because of Easter I was unable to make the next 4 weeks worth of practise with my band ... a situation I find very frustrating ... but one there is nothing really I can do about. Fortunately the band is supportive and accepting of this not to throw me out (I hope!).

I think you may have been thrown into the deep end too quickly and the "different" culture of brass banding compared to, say, big bands or orchestras, overwhelmed you a little.

I still think you have a chance to enjoy life in a brass band wth a little perserverance(sp?) - take Jez and Dinie's comments.
You HATE testpieces, you got kicked out for not comitting to a contest.

How very odd :roll:

Bass trombone parts in test-pieces are often the envy of the whole band. Incredible!!!

Okiedokie of Oz

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I agree with the concensus. The last band were morons.

Currently I have a few musicians in important spots who have missed rehearsals. However, I know their hearts are in the right places, regardless so I'll let them hang around a few more months :wink:

Contests are to brass bands what the Grand finals are to sports players. You can live without them, but hey, who wouldn't wanna walk away with a big trophey??

Dave Euph

Australian Euphonium said:
You HATE testpieces, you got kicked out for not comitting to a contest.

How very odd :roll:

Bass trombone parts in test-pieces are often the envy of the whole band. Incredible!!!

He played Eb Bass with them.


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Forgive me if this sounds either stupid or arsey, but if you hate test pieces and couldn't commit to a full schedule, why on earth did you go to an ambitious contesting band?

I'm really sorry to hear the experience has put you off all bands though - there are plenty out there with fab groups of people who have fun without the hassle and pressure of higher level contesting. Keep looking!
I went for the Band because it was the first brass band I had played with and did not know what to expect.

I began on the BB-flat but when a space arose I jumped on a an E-flat chair and considering I was praised for my BB-flat playing (lower part) and then critisised(sp?) for not being able to 'fill an E-flat bass' which strikes me as ludicrous. I probably will join another band, after having a think and some helpful advice (thanx everyone) but if you had just been through the fiasco I have just been through (the band wanting the E-flat Bass back) it would put you off banding for a long time!
not really the pieces - just the practising over and over and over ....(etc,etc,...)

anyway, one thing I would like to outline is that although I have been slagging my band off recently - I would like to say that they are a nice bunch of people it's just their 'ethics' towards contests

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