Calling all Bass Players

Roger Thorne

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Can you help!

Wem Jubilee Band have a concert this Saturday evening (8th) in the Music Hall, Shrewsbury and I'm looking for a dep on Bb/Eb Bass.

Unfortunately one of our Bb Bass players suffered chest pains after rehearsal on Tuesday and has been advised by his doctor not to play.

If you can help us out please e-mail me at

(Expenses will be covered)

Roger Thorne

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Hi Simon,

The concert went very well thanks. We shared the stage with the Telfordaires Barbershop Choir.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to fill the Bb Vacancy - Just got the other three to blow a bit louder!

We gave the test piece a run out and it went very well. It was also very well received by the audience too. (makes a change eh!)

Pity you missed the Black Dyke Concert at Llangollen the other week. You would have enjoyed Brett Bakers' rendition of Marc Owens Trombone Concerto. (Phew!) Now . . if you're looking for a good trombone solo . . . . ?

It was nice to see your Mum & Dad (and Jayne - have'nt seen her for years) In fact I think you where the only 'Holland' who was'nt at the concert.

See you at the Areas in a couple of weeks time.

Give my regards to the Band.



Glad to hear all went well at the Music Hall.

I would have loved to go and see Black Dyke the other weekend - unfortunatley someone had to stay behind and look after the kids!! - I drew the short straw (in fact Deb's has never heard Roger Webster play - and I know she really wanted to hear him live, so . . .)

All the reports I heard of the concert were good - and I hear that they played one of your pieces - ZULU - Deb told me that it was fantastic! - I would love to have heard it (NB to anyone reading this, this piece is available from, you can even listen before you buy!)

On the point of Marc's Trombone Concerto - I would love to get a copy of the Solo part (from what deb said it is probably too hard for me to play out!) Do you know who publishes this? Do you know if the piece is going to be recorded?

Give my best to all at Wem - no doubt we will see you on the 3rd!

NB we are going to give the area piece a run out at a concert in Newport next week - it will be interesting to see the reaction! (we will probably only play 1 movement)

Roger Thorne

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Hi Simon,

I'm hoping to publish some of Marc's music very soon. I've been looking through some of his manuscripts and they amazing! He certainly deserves more exposure than he gets. I have a 'Dyke' recording of his concerto but I believe Kirklees Music will be publishing this in the near future and I think a commercial recording will be made later this year.

PS: I didn't realise that the Championship Section was being held on the Monday! I'll see you on the 2nd not the 3rd. :shock:

Good luck with your Concert.

See you soon.

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