Calling all bands in Sheffield


This is a note for any bands in or around Sheffield, I thought it might be worth bringing the following to your attention and seeing if anyone was planning on going and representing their band or bands generally...

As you may be aware, Sheffield failed in its bid to become UK City of Culture 2013. However the following announcement was made on their facebook profile...

Sheffield City of Culture Our work's not over - it's just begun! That's why we're inviting all who are directly involved in the Sheffield culture sector to a special open discussion event on July 28, to sustain the momentum and energy of our
bid and to work out our next steps. Come join us at Showroom Cinema, from 5.30pm to 7pm

I am sure that someone (or a few people) need to be there to fight the corner of Brass Bands in the city and see if we (as a collective movement) can get something out of it.

Unfortunately I am unavailable, but hopefully someone else can make it?