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I whant to buy some individual parts for some forth coming test pieces especialy Dances & Ariars (spelt wrong) wears the quckest and cheepest place to get them from?


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You'll be lucky mate....most publishers don't supply individual parts for anything....if you've lost them then it's your own tough luck! :?
Hang on...did I hear the word "photocopy" it must have been a mistake :D :wink:

Anyway Dances and Arias is published by Novello so you could try then direct

BTW great piece!! And good luck with it :wink:
I've managed to buy individual parts for solos from publishers, don't see why they can't supply you with individual parts for pieces/test pieces


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Well, if a publisher don't want you to photocopy their music, surely its in their best interests to sell you the individual parts? But if they do refuse, you could ask their permission to copy them, after all copyright is "not to be reproduced without the permission of the publisher" isn't it? Go on given 'em a call, it can't hurt to ask for one or t'other.


it would be really useful if they sold individual parts. Its suprising how many pieces u get out of the library and a couple parts are missing.


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Have you contacted the publishers (Studio for Dances & Arias)? I know Novello do odd parts - but at a cost - a bari part for Pag. cost over a fiver! :shock:


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Most publishers will send out extra parts at cost.

Dragon Music policy is to provide free spare parts - you only pay for p&p - provided it's only one or two!


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