Butlins - Draw and Results

Thirteen Ball

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They were an absolute pain. I am surprised nobody complained on the day. However as a bass player not seeing the conductor is not really a bad thing!

Yes - I could hardly follow the apparition of the MD! However, I'd forgotten that before you mentioned it. I just followed the drummer as usual. ;)

Sue Grau
Foss Dyke

Well at least that proves we do actually look at our respective conductors from time to time!

Hope they've fixed that before next year....


;) in your opinion? I heard one band late on that had quite an error strewn time of it. lots of clips right from the start, and in every solo line there were issues, clips + tuning. They did have a massive sound though, - they were in the top 3 . . . That's just my opinion however.

You make a good point and has you say its all about opinions.No band completley was error free but over the whole piece the top three showed that bit extra when needed. on the sunday there were many fine performances andevery band can be proud of there efforts

Thirteen Ball

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Still, I have to say, once again I had a cracking weekend. Good to meet up with a few folks old and new - and especially to be able to put a face and a voice to ThirteenBall, whose posts always have something interesting to say.


I always strive to be interesting... though I admit to being frequently opnionated and more than occasionally incorrect.... ;)

Good to meet you too Ian. Likwise I also caught up with Andy Baker (Anno Draconis) and Chris Hart (Themusicalrentboy) in bar rosso after we'd played - although alas due to our late draw I was unable to take up my day-membership of the choral society and meet up with Essex Elvis and Laserbeam Bass!

Indeed I spent the large parts of the weekend with people walking up to me and introducing themselves - and me looking blank (no change there then!) until they mentioned their TMp username.

(How you all recognised me is a mystery. Must be the jacket I suppose....)

Always good to put faces to fellow TMp-ers though. :)


Well done and thank you!!

What a great weekend absolutely over the moon with Bestwood's result 2nd was very well deserved as the band put in a splendid performance. I would like to take the opportunity of congratulating Dronfield on a fine win. The result was just the boost we needed with the area to come in March.

Just a public note to thank Bestwood for putting up with me and the young uns over the past 14 months. It was a good performance for me to "retire" with, and Aicha, Smain, and me wish you all the very best for the future.

Alan N:clap:


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Just to let you all know - I've just split the (very interesting) discussion on tempo markings into the thread Roger mentions above. Hopefully this thread still sort of makes sense, but apologies for the odd 'bump' in the flow of the posts here and there...;)

Can we please leave this thread for comments on the Butlins results and further the 'tempo markings' discussion over here.


Ian :)


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