Butlins 2013

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I'm a Butlins virgin, what should I expect come January?

Knew I had posted something to advise of the trip. This one for from one of friends from across the pond. An experience they will never forget, as their flight was delayed, so they didn't get do the full itinerary!

Laserbeam Bass said:
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what's the weather like that time of year
Not as cold as Ohio (assuming that the average temps I saw are in Farenheit!!!!), although in the last four years it has been precipitous to say the least.

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level of required inebration :) etc., etc.

Depends on whether you consider this as a jolly up (get drunk and stay drunk), or as a serious contest. Make sure that your medical insurance covers cirrhosis.

Jolly Up = Get into the Sun and Moon on arrival, wait until closing, find chalet. Get up with hangover and play. Remostrate vocally about how you played wonderfully and that it was like being in (insert dodgy local city/town/village here) because you were mugged over 18 times.
Keep drinking
Top up your alcohol levels at regular intervals
Go to bed
Get up
Have below mentioned fry up twice
Drink again
Go to bed
Get up
Say final goodbye to the bar staff in all of the bars you have visited over the weekend
Return Home for a blood transfusion

Serious contest -
Arrival -Sensible imbibing on the Friday evening. A few beverages followed by some sodas.
Saturday - Get up draw 3 or 4 play get in the bar as it opens, stay there until the results.
As is the norm the results room (upstairs at Reds) fills up very quickly so you may want a designated seat getter. Best that they sit and watch the first section, and then grab as many chairs as possible. Once the rest of you have arrived, you ply the hero with as many drinks as possible, due to their inhuman effort to retain 30 seats for your comfort.
Either adjourn to Centre Stage or Jaks and drink til the early hours.
Return to chalet for further liquid refreshment in the shape of pre purchased cans.
Crash on your bed fully clothed, still in uniform earns bonus points.
Sunday - Wake up - Shower under tepid and unforceful water. Avail yourself of a full English breakfast
2 X Eggs
2 rashers of Bacon
2 sausages
baked beans
Hash Browns, (Chips if available as you get more)
Black Pudding Blood and Guts
Four slices of Toast
Two slices of Fried Bread
A gallon of tea or coffee
You are now ready to face the entertainments contest
Go to entertainments contest, ensuring that there are ample breaks to obtain further liquid refreshment. Choose which bands are prime for a drinks break, and which bands are musts to see.
Listen to the results as you won't be able to see by this point
End up in Jaks again
Go to sleep
Quadruple points if still in band uniform
Octuple points if you ironed it in the meantime
Return home
Have two weeks off to recover.
I did Butlins last year with my youth band and we came 3rd, but will be there with Haydock Band this year, really looking forward to it! :-D