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Similar to tune association :

Aim :

The aim is to travel around the world musically passing from one country to the next. Each country should be represented by a tune which has some connection to that country (not birth of composer arranger), for example Austria - Blue Danube, Italy - Pines of Rome. The next country MUST adjoin the previous, unless the next person wishes to cross water, in which case they must state which body of water they are crossing and a musical work must be given to associate with it, eg Crossing Atlantic : Devil and the deep blue Sea, then the next person can select where to land.

The idea is to end up back at the country of origin passing through as many countries as possible.

Rules :

- The next tune on must be an adjacent country
- It must be a brass or orchestral work (no pop/rock tunes)
- If on an island and a sea or channel needs to be crossed then a nautical tune should be used to cross.
- NO NATIONAL ANTHEMES, this is just blantant cheating, unless it forms part of an orchestral work in which case that must be used (e.g. La Marseille - 1812 Overture)
- No duplication

For those with bad geography (like me!)

Lets Start with :

England : Jerusalem


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PeterBale said:
Keppler said:
is cornwall a country?
There's plenty who would like to see it become one :wink:

Ireland: Irish tune from County Derry

Besides is doesn't connect with Wales (you'd have to go back through England), Unless you cross the Severn estaury (Padstow Lifeboat)

:D :D

p.s. can't spell ... won't spell :D :D


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Can't think of one for Mongolia, so:

Pacific Ocean: Clare De Lune (used in Ocean's Eleven). Does that count?[/b]

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