Buffy Goes Brass

James McFadyen

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Pending Copyright, I intend to write Once More with Feeling, a selection of few of the songs from the Buffy Musicial episode!

Are there any interested bands or people think they might buy this arrangment, if so, why not comment on what songs u'd like to feature in my arrangement!



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i love buffy, but i've got a feeling (lol get the pun?)
that not many brass people do?!

are you thinking of having the theme tune as well?!
ok "ive gotta feeling"
"under your spell" (DEFINATELY)
"where do we go from here"
"what you feel"

good look with the copyright



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It'd be cool to have the Buffy and Angel main themes in some kind of selection ("Instant Vampires"?), can't remember the last time I played a TV theme selection of shows that I actually know of!

Not so sure about songs from the musical as I can't even remember them now, are they set to well-known tunes? If so then that could work, but don't think Buffy music could warrant a whole piece.

Just my 2.37 cents (exchange rates these days....)

Brian Kelly

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lynchie said:
there was a buffy musical?

Dawn accidently summoned up a demon who sucked out people's life-energy (or something) by making them sing about their feelings and innermost thoughts until they died.

It's called the willing suspension of disbelief.

The songs I would go for are:

Going through the motions

I've got a theory / bunnies /if we're together

Under your spell

I'll never tell

Dawn's ballet

What you feel

Walk through the fire

Something to sing about

Where do we go from here

OK I got the CD - Its a mid-life crisis thing I guess (it was cheaper than a BMW!).

The trouble is, you would need to include the Buffy theme-tune as a "hook" to get people's attention, but I don't think that would work for brass band.

Mind you a "stand-alone" brass band version of the "Angel" theme-tune would work for brass band though.


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amazingly the buffy musical cam 12th in the top 100 greatest musicals... shocking! Anyway, make it but i have a deep suspicion of brass bands emulating guitars, so be warned... :twisted:

Brian Kelly

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Missed that. I did catch the end of the prog, and still in shock that the greatest musical of all time, ever, only came 4th :evil: :evil: :!: :!: :!:

West Side Story, that is.

But that's already been done for brass band.


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Great idea, but I'm not sure how many people would actually recognise andy of the tunes? I'd go for Going through the Motions, Walk Through the Fire and Where do we go from here.

On the subject of Buffy, was anyone else really disappinted with the last episode?

Brian Kelly

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Accidental said:
On the subject of Buffy, was anyone else really disappinted with the last episode?

I thought that they might have gone for a big 2-part or feature-length final episode to end the show. The final episode did feel a bit rushed. Having said that, they did put in some budget-busting special effects.

Brian Kelly

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Well, we're all still here!!

Unless, of course, it is all an illusion, and we are all in little cylinders hooked up to a giant computer...

Would you like the blue pill or the red pill?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Okiedokie of Oz

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Are you guys only up to that series? You have one more season to go before Buffy disappears (or rather, sunnydale) forever.

Anyway, back on topic. Unless you have a real juvenile percussion section, I wonder about the percussion part.

Brian Kelly

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Alas, the 7th and final series of Buffy concluded last week on BBC2 here in Britain.

But the good news is that the entire 7th series will be repeated late at night from 16th January in the unedited version, so we get to see all the violence, blood, gore, and sex that was edited out due to it being broadcast at 6.45pm.


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What standard of band are you aiming at ?

My daughter is a HUGE buffy fan and plays in our junior band, anything not too hard would be very popular with them i'm sure.

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