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I'm new to all of this - so I hope that I get it all right!

I was told at band last night that there is a new solo horn at BTM - does anyone know if this is true? I'm led to believe that he is the next big thing on the tenor horn...

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
I think, if I'm correct, that my old pal from college, Jon Pippen, told me he was doing it...however, I could be wrong...I will try and find out for you




He's a bit versatile and mad!!

However he's such a genius on trom, he could probably play the solo horn part on that :lol: :roll:


Solo Horn

John Pippen has kindly volunteered to move onto Solo Horn for the Area competiton in Swansea next weekend.

Our regular solo horn player asked to step down onto 1st horn just for this contest because of family committments.

John is BTM's resident Super Sub, he has played nearly everything in the band to help us out including Timps for the Senior Cup and Scottish Open last year.

Every band needs a John, he is a star and an amazing trombone player!

Hope this clears up any questions etc etc

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