BSC Band Port Corus?

This band more or less folded a few years ago but fortunately a few of the members stuck together to hold onto the bandroom and instruments. One or two of the instruments have "disappeared" and recently we have added to our player strength. We are intending to become a concert band as opposed to contesting but time will tell. Player numbers last night were up to 16 with a few registered with other bands. Anyone who would like to attend a rehearsal on Wednesday evenings 1930 - 2100 is welcome to come along. We certainly enjoy the music being played and a club is adjacent to the bandroom!!! :lol: :guiness :guiness :bounce


Good Lust at Port Talbort. You must be the last of the British Steel bands left. Sponsored or not. I used to play for the Teesside outfit. Once the sponsorship went within 6 months the band was dead.

Full Set Of instruments only 1 year old and own bandroom plus a top section library going to rot. But thats up to the Trutees to sort out.

Stanlees Steel Dodworth are gone as well so stick in there hope it works out for you guys.

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