Bruno Tilz Neustadt / Aisch Trombone mouthpiece Silver external Brass internal


Small bore trombone mouthpiece for sale at £25.00 ono including postage within the UK. This is very good used condition, details as follows:
  • Cup inner diameter: 28,0 mm / 28,5 mm
  • Rim width: 5mm
  • Flat Rim
  • Shank: 41mm
  • Deep Cup
Please pm me for further details or email
Looking forward to your replies.


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So a 1G/0G inner size with a small shank and a very narrow rim? Sounds a pretty unique design - what trombone is it designed for?


I think that it would suit a King 2B or 3B or an Olds Ambassador size small bore trombone shank.. Certainly not for a larger bore trombone. I hope that this helps.