Brother suffering from jaw pain


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Hi, my younger brother has started to learn bugle. He is so addicted to it and keeps on practicing it even after coming home. I think this has caused strain in his jaw muscles and he is now complaining frequently about jaw pain. I have read a blog ( Got Jaw Pain…Physiotherapy Can Help! - Physiomed ) that physiotherapy treatment can help in treating jaw pain. Is there anybody over here who has jaw pain after using bugle for long? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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Does the jaw pain only happen during and right after playing? Does it happen when eating for example?

If that is the case, it COULD be a simple embouchure problem. I am a Psychologist and you would be surprised how many things are written on the internet that makes no sense or could make things worse. IF it is an embouchure problem, it could be as simple as finding a skilled cornet/trumpet to come watch your brother play and adjust the embouchure or pay for a few lessons.

It sounds like to me he is playing too much without a correct embouchure set-up.
Also is it tooth related, in which case non-pressure exercises would help. Gentle moving of the jaw in all ranges before and after playing is wise anyway as the hinge can 'stick' as it were. Hope all is resolved. Let us know

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