Brodsworth Colliery Band ?


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Having watched tuesday nights documentry on the 1984/5 miners, strike i cast my mind back to a band who were one of yorkshires finest in the early 1980's. The band was Brodsworth Colliery. After an awesome performance of George Lloyd's Diversions on a Bass Theme at Blackpool in '85, the politics of the industry set in and destroyed the band.
Shame as they were damned good. :(


Very true! Brodsworth spawned many fine players indeed. Peter Roberts played top cornet for them for a while as did Roger Webster.
Morgan Griffiths was on Solo Euph before he went to Hammonds.
One of the many bands we could say that if they could have kept all their best players together, they would have been as good as anyone.
I watched the documentry as well and thaught it was really interesting.
Its a part of social and industrial history which had effects on the Banding movement, and of course was part of the 'Brassed Off' plot.



I joined Brodsworth in 84, infact within a couple of days of the miners strike starting.

This programme brought a lot of memories flooding back some good, some not so good. But 2 of the highlights for me are, British open playing Comedy (on my own i might add) and the miners contest of 85.

A great shame, and so many like it are falling by the way side.

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