British Universities Brass Band Festival


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Do you play in a University Brass Band? If you do please read on!!

There are many good university brass bands through out British universities, however, due to the fact that many players are signed to local bands, these bands rarely get the chance to showcase their talents.

We would like to organise an event where the very best of university talent can be showcased…to people who are like-minded and interested in brass bands.

The inaugural event will be held in Liverpool, which will also be a good opportunity to socialise with other university bands.

Whether you are in a band as part of a university course or just a “mist-matched,” brass ensemble… we would like to here from you!!

We are currently looking to see how much interest there is for such an event. Then we will be looking for volunteers to help organise the event.

The bands that have shown interest so far include, Royal Northern College of Music BB, Liverpool University BB, Durham University BB, Leeds University BB and Cambridge University BB.

So if you play in a University Brass Band and would like a platform on which to showcase your band please contact us at the below emails address.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information or have any ideas that you would like to pass on.

Thank you

Richard Ramsaran

Liverpool University Brass Band

Northop Silver Brass Band

Email address -


Sorry I havent been in touch sooner but Ive got loads of work on at the mo and rehearsals for the grand shield!! I'm not sure if anyone from Durham has been in touch yet as we still have almost 2 weeks of Easter Holidays left but I will mention it via email and see if we can get some people down to Liverpool for 11th June.

Jo x