Bring 'Comfort and Joy' to homeless people this Christmas


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I forgot to mention - you can also telephone for your donation. Visit the website for details.


I agree and would like to say that, like lots of people, I have not had a great year to say the least, however, I am thankful for small mercies and always think of people far less fortunate than myself at this time of year and your cause brings that home. I emphasise this to my son, particularly at this time and hope it stays with him. Just a message in support of your plight. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
You may have seen the TV adverts for the Salvation Army's 2009-10 Christmas Appeal. I'd urge you, if you can, to donate to this worthy cause, to make this Christmas a good one for the poor, the homeless and the needy in the UK and further afield.

You can help the Salvation Army provide comfort and joy this Christmas. See the online donation page at
Donate and give generously but don't give your details or thet'll hound you every month for more money. If you don't fancy that put your dosh in a collecting tin like I now do.