Brighouse March Contest Results


Overall winners Hepworth , winning Best Band on March, Best Hymn (Myfanwy) and Best Contest March (The Wizzard).
Second Place overall Pennine Brass playing Nearer my God to Thee and Mephistopheles.
Third place overall Wigates playing Nearer my God and The Wizzard.
Fourth place overall Holme Silver (pieces not known) also winning best First Section Band.
Best Soloist Kirsty Abbots (Cornet Carlton Main)
Best Second Section Band Diggle.
Best Third Section Royal Buckley.
Best Fourth Section Gawthorpe.
Best Youth Shaw Youth.
Please feel free to fill in any gaps.
Also congrats to Hepworth winning Four years on the trot!


Best Youth Soloist : Euph Shaw Youth
Best Youth Deportment : Sellers Youth
Best Overall deportment : Silkeborg Blaeserne (denmark)



Just remembered a couple more awards.
Best Youth Band deportment Sellers Youth.
Best Youth Soloist, Euphonium Shaw Youth.


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Bravo Hepworth, a stunning performance, The best we heard all day, truely deserved the 4th title!!


Does any of you know where I can get a full list of results and what people played etc...

Mark Bousie

The Danish Band came 8th overall, but were top of the charts in other aspects! :wink: Those of you who were there will know what I mean!
Well Worth It said:
Holme Band came joint 3rd with Wingates (Fantastic Result Holme!!!)
Carlton Main came in 5th.....

Umm...glad I wasn't just the only one who noticed this......
Ain't banding a funny thing!?! :p

mr jinx

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I am new to this forum and this is my first posting :lol:

What point is venustromster trying to make :? I dont understand.


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I'd be interested to know what that comment means too?
What's the funny thing?

Fetching photo by the way Venus Tromster.

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