Breage & District Silver Band has a new website


Simple and informative, but you really need to do something to reduce the file size of the images. As they stand, they are full-size images that are being scaled down by the browser, which means you're making your visitors download files measured in megabytes to see something that can be conveyed adequately with hundreds or even thousands of times less data. Really bad news if you're on a slow connection or paying per megabyte (e.g. on a mobile). Your gallery page weighs in at 53MB, and some of the images have taken 10 seconds to load even on my fibre connection. Search engines may also take account of load times when evaluating the quality of your site.
:) KP


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Hi! Many thanks KP51 for pointing out the large image sizes on our website - I have now reduced them all - so even on a slow line they should be OK. I am also on "Fibre to the Home" Broadband - so didn't really notice!


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This is a really nice looking site - simple and easy to navigate, also nice and colourful! Can I ask how easy it was to set up? I'm trying to get a new site set up for the band I'm in and I'm not too sure which host to use. I've noticed a few people using things like blogger and wordpress but they look like it might take some time to get my head around them - quite complicated. I've found this which seems very professional and easy to use, but I could do with getting some advice before I sign up with anything!