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Hi All

I'm new in here and here's a bit about me.
Been playing Euph. for 49 years (old codger) I livei n Ipswich and have just joined Ipswich & Norwich Co-op Band(Championship Section) on Principal Euph.
My son Jason is Principal Percussionist with Jersey Premier Brass, newly crowned National Champions 3rd Section. He also plays a fine cornet.
I started at the age of six so that gives the game away a bit. I'm happy to be here amongst other bandies, if only I could get things organised on here.


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Good to have another "oldie" signing up - have to keep these young 'uns in order somehow ;) :shock: :lol:



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Ipswich band

Yes mr B
I love it, the music,the people, and the friendlyness too.:tup :D
May it last forever.