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I would personally recommend justmusic, (who are basically a distributor for a number of the publishers I'm about to mention), and I know some people have had problems with them in the past, but last time I ordered from them, they delivered the very next day! But as you ask.... Thornes Music, TP Music, World of Brass, MMI Music and Dragon Music Publications (all of whom feature here pretty regularly!), Studio Music, MMI Music, Rakeway Music, Kirklees Music, Hallamshire Music, Wright and Round, Obrasso Verlag, R Smith and Co, etc. etc. etc. etc.! (I could go on.... something regular tMP-ers will be familiar with where I'm concerned!)Depends on what yer looking for! Most of the aforementioned have their own websites




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JAGRINS Music Publications of Stockport, England publish music by several composers and arrangers, both established and new to the scene. Visit the website, where further details, including contact details are available. The company is run by Gareth Pritchard, so alternatively you could PM his son Gavin, who is a member on here - username "gavin", nice and simple that one! :D - or PM me, and one of us can arrange for a catalogue to be sent.


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Banks Music in York have a good stock of band music and can get hold of most things for me.

But do pay Dragon Music a visit too!




My music can be purchased from the following publishers:

Studio Music, Wright and Round, Bernaerts Music, Kirklees Music, Prima Publications, Obrasso Verlag and Musikverlag Frank.

Full contact details can be seen at


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American Brass Band Music

There is a small but growing selection of Brass Band music, not available elsewhere, at Bayside Music Press (California). The website link is below.


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You could always try one of the many publishers who kindly choose to support tMP by sponsoring us with a banner advertisement on here.


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