Brass Quintet Music

We are forming a brass quintet from my wind band to play for a charity event in a church on Easter Saturday.
We need some music, just hymns and other sacred music suitable for Easter. Some of them could do with being with Organ as well.

Because it is a one off charity event we do not want to spend a lot on music.

Has anyone got any suggestions please

Hilary Mateer

Tuba - Hallamshire Military Concert Band

Okiedokie of Oz

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A lot of the old hymn publications (Allans especially) do more than one hymn per page, and sound great en masse or as an ensemble.

Hit up any Salvo friends...

The majority will probably depend on which church. I mean, I could hunt down an arrangement we have for brass quintet, choir and organ for the Archbishop of Canterbury fanfare, but will be slightly inappropriate if at a Catholic church!
Thanks for all your suggestions about quintet music :)
I will be following them up when I find out more details about who, what and where.
I should have seen the chap who is organising it tonight, but wind band was cancelled because of snow! :eek:
Bet brass band wouldn't have been cancelled :wink:

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