Sold/Expired Brass quartet/quintet arrangements for Pachelbel's Canon: ideal for Weddings

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I have arranged a lovely 2 minute version of Pachelbel's Canon for Brass Quartet or Quintet. Ideal length for a Wedding bride's procession. There is a suggested cut should it need to be reduced by 45 seconds.

Additionally, I have produced a backing track of harp and strings that a brass quartet/quintet can play along with. This can make it sound even better and more full. Also less 'nervy' since the backing track will play an opening two bars before brass come in and keep the tempo throughout- handy if you don't have a conductor. I performed the 2 minute version with a quartet along with the backing track at a wedding recently and it went down wonderfully.

The backing track can be particularly useful if you don't have a bass player in your ensemble.

I can provide pretty much any permutation you require e.g.
(a) Two cornets, Eb horn, Euph and Eb bass.... either with or without string ensemble backing track.
(b) Two cornets, Baritone, Trombone. Backing track playing the bass line with string ensemble.
(c) One cornet, Euph, Trombone with backing track playing bass line

and so on.

It can also be extended for larger ensembles.

Also, you can select the key. It's easier in C.

I supply the music on pdf and the backing track on mp3.

For a quote, get in touch with your requirements at
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