Brass on Radio Warwick


I'm going to be playing a variety of Brass Band music on RaW Radio Warwick on Tuesday 1st June.

It'll part of the RaW Classics show, somewhere between 7 - 8pm, and you can listen to the show live over the internet via (or even on 1251am if you're lucky enough to be on the campus of the University of Warwick!).

Playlist will be finalised nearer the show.

Hope you get the chance to listen in!


Dave Sait.


Agghhh, Student Radio Station of the Year 2003, RaW, bitter rivals of my very own student radio station, LCR (Loughborough Campus Radio) :twisted:

I was tempted to do something on LCR but my brass band collection at uni is next to nothing so couldn't really do it :(


Very strange. It appears that one of my posts has gone missing (despite it being there yesterday). I'll put it down to the server move.

In response to neiltwist, no there is nothing else planned for the future at the moment, although its not inconceivable. If anything does happen, I'll be sure to post it here!


Ok, the show is on Tuesday and I'm a bit closer to sorting out what I'm going to play.

The set will include the Tallis Prelude by Peter Graham, The Contestor by T J Powell and Black Bottom Stomp by Jelly Roll Morton.

For anything else, you'll just have to listen in!


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