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Ross Berry

Has anyone read the new magazine called brass herald (3 issues old I think)?

I had a read of a complimentary copy, I think they must be doing a large marketing campaign.

I find it very interesting and well produced.

I wonder if there is a market for this though.

It tries to mix mainstream banding, SA banding and Orchestral brass. I suspect that this might be its downfall.

My roots are in the SA and so I regularly read the Salvationist. I am increasingly interested in the contesting world and keep up to date via the web and if I bought a magazine would probably get BB. If I was Orchestral I suppose there is a specialist magazine for that area.

As a result I wonder if The Brass Herald will fall down the list for people in each of those areas. I hope not but suspect it might be the case.

Any views?

Sorry just notice that an earlier thread introduced this, although not quite along the same lines.

Dave Payn

Active Member
I think any brass magazine which brings together all those aspects of brass and treats them equally instead of treating them in a sort of separatist manner (as some publications/websites - tMP excluded! - have done) deserves praise. The common goal is brass, not brass bands, orchestral brass and SA brass individually.

Remember there are a few here who have (and probably still do!) embrace all three! Good luck to Brass Herald, I say.

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