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Mike S

I went to the concert Saturday and I agree that the NYBB were first class. St Helen's Youth Band were also in a different class to the other youth and school bands, but to see and hear 250 talented youngsters on stage was encouraging for the brass band movement. Only a personal opinion here, but I thought the Bollywood band were on for too long - it got monotonous towards the end - and I think the audience would have appreciated more from the youth bands. Well done to all the bands and musicians involved!

Naomi McFadyen

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Yea I agree with that Mike...
St Helens played really well indeed! :D
And yes, have to say, Bollywood did seem to dominate the whole thing. Would have liked to have heard more from the other bands personally.


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Indeed, an excellent concert. But I think that band audiences need breaking into new ideas (i.e. in this case, Bollywood music) a little more gently. Perhaps, as Naomi and Mike said, too much? :lol:
Still a good evening out!


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yeah i agree bollywood did seem to dominate the whole concert, and i think that if you had 2 pieces from all the bands (correct me if im wrong) then it would equal the amount of pieces played and i think it would have been a bit more enjoyable for the audience. i only heard 2 pieces i think by bollywood and the bach piece that the nybbgb played and of course the piece i played in and the stockport schools piece, and gold saturday the piece that was specially comissioned that i played all of probably 6 notes in. it probably was a really good concert but in my opinion there was too much hanging around backstage.
the reason bollywood were on so much was because it was their event. It wouldn't have happened if bollywood hadn't been so involved.

more music from the youth bands should have been played, but NYBB played loads an even though they were the best band, their pieces were really long compared to the measley 5mins everyone else was assigned.

overall it was a great day, and i really enjoyed meself. it took loads of hard work and even when there was no chair for me in the first half!!! no euph row!!! ah well, we managed even after me playing a major boo-boo of an A natural instead of a A flat in a quiet bit... oopsie :oops:

Naomi McFadyen

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Fair enough on Bollywood if it was their event... but... you know... despight loving that kinda style (remember I won and was the only bidder on the Schnal Sick Brass Band thingy on ebay- which is very similar to Bollywoods style, but different ( :lol: )).... I really wanted to hear more of the Youth!

In fairness to NYBB, they only had 2 pieces, but they had to fill up the space of 4 bands (here hense the length)... so I didn't have a problem with that. They were on top form and I enjoyed it a lot.

Here's to the next one! :D

Mike S

aimee_euph said:
NYBB played loads an even though they were the best band, their pieces were really long compared to the measley 5mins everyone else was assigned.

Bear in mind of course that the school and youth bands came from around Manchester but the NYBB came from all over the country for this concert. But everybody seems to agree that Bollywood should have been on less and the school/youth bands on more. A lesson for the organisers perhaps.
fair enough from the listeners point of view but when most of the concert is spent backstage in a sweaty hot dressing room with about 50 youngsters isn't my idea of a good concert!!

dont get me wrong i thoroughly enjoyed the concert from what i heard and played, but i think overall, all of the youth bands should have been more involved with more playing etc. Was most irritating missing most the concert an being stood backstage...then getting lost on a small trip to the toilet 5 minutes before going on stage :oops:
Yeah, I think i agree with everythink thats been said so not much to add other than.....

i enjoyed it so much more than i thought i was gonna. Bollywood could have played without the extra miking though! way 2loud! Its good seeing all those young guys as well (not that i'm old) playing at a fairly good standard. Would have liked to have done a massed bands item though (minus bollywood) just for he pure fun of it! Maybe a night with just youth bands is needed for that though.



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sounds good! and bollywood played that much that one of the drummers broke a head on the dhol drum! :wink: saw them trying to reskin it b4 their next slot


Yeah I agree with Tim. I reckon a joint youth band thing would be good. Maybe with different youth bands from around the country? I think it would be a good experience coz I know youth bands where I live aren't as good as the youth bands from last weekend and maybe it would be good for them to hear and play with these better bands, does anyone agree?


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