Brass CD bargains in London's West End

Dave Payn

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I'm not normally an HMV sympathiser (or HMV 'positive'!) but they currently have a 'clearout' in their Oxford Street branches. In the branch at 150 Oxford Street (the one between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road) they have in their downstairs 'bargain boxes' (you have to look for them!) a number of copies of Grimethorpe's Movie Brass and Christmas with the Salvation Army - both at £1.99!

Also, in the classical department, some of ASV's Quicksilva label collection are all being sold off for £1.99. Amongst this little lot is a fantastic (IMHO) recording by the English Brass Ensemble entitled Toccata - works originall composed or re-scored for organ for brass - including 6 players multi-tracked to play the whole of Widor's Symphony no. 5. An outstanding recording in my view and a bargain at £1.99. I already bought all these recordings before they plummeted in price. Typical, huh! ;-)

So, any in the vicinity of the smoke might wish to snap up these brass bargains. Or not.


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