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A few weeks ago there was an article in our local paper about a new web-site that had been set up for one of the football clubs in the area. In the article it said that a lot of work had been done to comply with Child Protection issues relating to web-sites of clubs and socieites. It specifically mentioned that you should not be able to identify a youngster in any way on a web-site i.e. you can have a list of names, and you can have their photos, but you shouldn't have a child's photo together with their name/e-mail address.

I have tried to find more details on this and am waiting for the web-design company in question to get back to me with more details on any guidelines that may exist, but I was just wondering whether anyone else involved with their band's web-site had come across anything like this before?

In the meantime I've tried to make sure that none of our youngsters can be identified through our web-site, and have taken all e-mail addresses off for the time being leaving just the main contact address.


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If you find this resource dyl, I'd be very interested.

Thankfully, we already operate on this policy on our website, and publications. Also (sounds a bit draconian) all adult applicants to the band are sussed out a bit first...


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I don't think it's Draconian at all - sadly it's a sign of the times we live in.

We've recently been approved as a Charity and as a part of the application process reviewed our Child Protection Policy.

We've also carried out the police checks on all relevant people i.e. those in a position of authority within our band that come into contact with children (conductor, youth band conductor etc.). This was done to cover ourselves and the people involved more than anything, but at least it gives parents the piece of mind that their children are safe and in capable hands.


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We don't really have many kids in our band but I did get permission off his parents for anything we put on the site. I would be interested to hear the info as well....make sure you post it on tMP


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Can any of you reccommend any useful sources for guidelines on this topic? Being that we are a Youth Band we are also discussing this topic at great length, and would appreciate any useful sources. Many thanks.


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Have you tried the links I posted above? They might lead to some more info. Also you can maybe try the NSPCC web-site?


You also have to check all photos off against any "at risk" children. We have to do that at the museum all the time. The teacher of the child will be able to tell you if any of the kids fall into this catergory... if they do you cannot use their photograph at all.


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I've just written a Child protection policy for the band and didn't really think of the website although I did get a policy from a local school on publication and display of photographs. I'll look up the guidance mentioned above. This seems to be an area which is overlooked or not taken seriously by many people and I think that it needs to be given greater attention. I can't recall seeing it mentioned in British Bandsman or Brass Band World. The best advice that I could give as a starting point is the guidance 'Safe From Harm' on the Home Office website:


We don't have a policy for public display, we work quietly to our own set of strict guidlines, but they are there as much to protect the adults as the kids! As well as protecting the children, you also have to be careful that older members don't unwittingly put themselves in a position where a malicious/mistaken accusation could be made. With so many horror stories in the papers, and so many parents frightened for their children, it's easy to see how that could happen.

It's something worth thinking about and having a chat with your adult members about if you have any youth element to your band.
I know this is a very old thread but found it while searching for something else! Can you tell me who to contact to get a police check for those adults of our band involved with the junior band for our child protection policy? I have done a couple of web-searches to try and find information but everything I have read seems to say "your employer will do this for you" which is no use as we are a band not a creche or school or whatever! Some information on how to go about this would be gratefully received!!


You can approach umbrella bodies we did all our checks through Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services. I would imagine their might be a similar organisation around Buxton Claire. I can certainly provide you with some more information if you need it.


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This is really topical at the moment. I am amember of a validated Nikon Camera website forum and i posted something very similar there as I have been approached by my sons rugby team to take photographs during their games this year (under 14's) and create a calendar that they can sell for fundraising purposes. It's just about the biggest thread on the forum now and possibly the closest response I can find was as follows:

"I shoot regularly for a children's choir I am involved in - kids aged 4 to 18 - so I know well what a minefield this can be.

CRB checking can help but Michael is quite correct - individuals cannot apply. The only way round this is to become a licenced chaperone which is what I have done. This means the local authority does the CRB check and grants you a 3yr licence after a short interview and taking up references. In my case this allows me to chaperone kids for choir performances and of course photograph them while they rehearse and perform.

We have a blanket consent from the children's parents which is part of the choir joining process - the same could be done for the Rugby club I'm sure. You have the added issue of the visiting team but I would guess that they would be happy to get consents as long as they were given access to the images via a PhotoBox Gallery or something similar so they could see their own children. That way you could even make some money for the funds.

Beyond that I would make sure you look official when you shoot - don't try and blend in too much as that just looks dodgy - take the attitude of "I am here to do a job and this is how I do it" - works for me!"

CRB is the Criminal Records Bureau and they provide the certification. You should be able to get this through the band but Im not sure where you get the application forms from. Walk into your local police station (if you still have one) and ask them if they can help.
On another note, all the team coaches and anyone who works with the children (coordinators, physio's, etc) of the junior and mini teams at the club have to get CRB certified which is all done through the club. And that includes the women also not just the men. So it begs the question ...... do all conductors and junior band trainers have to have the same certification if there are minors in the band? I don't know and the concensus on the Nikon forum is that it is a total mess and nobody in authority seems to know exactly what the standards are.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse any more than it already is!

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I know when I had to request a form for my PGCE course there was a number to ring, i have it about somewhere if whoever was wanting it wants to pm me.

we quite often take photos at lifesaving/swimming competitions, or video the kids so they can get feedback. now thats a fun minefield....


We have had to deal with these issues over at Croft, as we have around 40 youngsters in the Organisation. The way we went about CRB checks, was to find out who our umbrella body was in the area, it turned out to be the local school. All persons who come into contact with the youngsters, then filled in forms and the school headmaster signed them and sent them off.

The matter of child protection, on our part was a little easier, as we knew somebody from another organisation who had just written one, so she sent us a copy and we adapted it to fit our needs.

These days it is very important that all bands who have children within, have a written child protection document, this must then be distributed to all parents, so they know what your procedures are, and also displayed in your bandroom, so that it is on view for any member or visitor to read.

Like somebody else said, if you are a charity, or have are applying for lottery funding etc, these policies are needed and also aid your applications.

I know that the BFBB have done a lot of research into this topic, may be worth having a chat with them.


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I know how much of a minefield this can be. May I also suggest that you try your local authority (maybe their social services department or town hall). It may also be useful to try contacting the NCH (National Children's Home). When I worked in social services in south Manchester they were a fabulous source of information. If you have any questions about child protection issues you are more than welcome to message me and I will try and advise you as best I can.

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