Sold/Expired Brass Band Profiles

James McFadyen

New Member
Due to major changes and complete overhaul to Devilish Publishing's website, I am offering Brass Bands, worldwide, a free service.

A special section on Brass Band profiles will allow historical information, contact info, upcoming events and concerts, recent results, etc, to be made available for all visitors to see.

If your band wishes to be 'profiled', then just email me your band's profile, history, etc, in standard prose, as you would like it to appear in the webpage.

Each profiled band will have it's own webpage. The profiles are restricted to the band's logo and text. Pictures of players and the band or any other graphics (other than the logo) will not be used, for reasons of space.

I would like you to take advantage of this free service, profiles consisting of only a paragraph or two will be less likely to be approved.

Email your band's profile to


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