Brass Band "Monopoly"?


Just caught a radio news report on the way home, discussing an Inverness version of Monopoly substituting local place names for those on the "classic" board. I know that there are many such versions out there now - but it set me thinking......

If there was a Brass Band Monopoly set, which bands, places and personalities would feature?

Which 3 of the "big boys" would make it onto the expensive properties? Brighouse? Dyke? Cory? Grimey?

What about "Community Chest" and "Chance"? How about "Adjudicators Remarks" ("your horns were out of tune - go back 3 spaces" or "troms even louder than ever before - go to jail, do not pass go") or "Luck of the Draw" ("drawn 1 - stay out of the bar, go straight to registration" or "your name came out the hat to get a visit from Sue Perkins (!) ").

Get the thinking caps on - but remember, keep it clean(ish) and fun!!


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Why not make one? They do a DIY set with a blank board and a CD-ROM which does all the labels and cards for you, it''s designed to make one for your own town but it probably wouldn't take much altering.


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you could have contests in place of train stations :) .. Nationals, British Open, Masters, European

Whit Friday ( Saddlworth & Tameside ) instead of Utilities?

Jail I'm assuming would be the adjudicators box :D

David Mann

Chance card:
You have won 2nd prize (4th section) at a Whit Friday contest. Collect £10 from each player (subject to appeals).


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Chance card : "Superglued lips together, go back three spaces." ;)

Community Chest: "Dropped mute on stage, pay £10 to each player".


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Ah but is Go the Bandroom or the Bar? .... can't see any self respecting bandsman, NOT passing Bar and collecting 200 pints! :D


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I would think jail would be "relegation"
Get out of jail free = you won your appeal and avoid relegation

As far as the main properties go...would it be best to keep it all in the UK (as there are 8 sets of properties which could match the 8 regions in the UK quite the first street would have Redbridge/Aveley and RegVardy/EYMS/NASUWT)

Or would you want to make it more international (e.g. front row might have Fountain City/Ohio for America and Woolston/Kew/XLCR for the southern hemisphere...move on to Europe, etc...)?

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What about the pieces?

Would they be in the shape of instruments? or various items of brass band paraphernalia i.e. a mute, valve oil, a duster etc or even something like a pint glass and a coach.

Bass Man

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Just had an idea for a chance card: Rehearsal every night leading up to the contest - go straight to the dog house