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I'm making a trip to London next week, and I was wondering if the are shops that carry a good stock of anything from cornet mouthpieces to band music, anywhere a brass band anorack might feel at home? (Not for me you's for my brother who's coming with me! :) )

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Coming to London

You might have to visit a few places to get everything you need.

For starters, I would suggest Phil Parker Limited.
They are likely to have all you need as far as cornet mouthpieces are concerned, all the usual makes plus a few you might not have heard of!
Might be worth a phone call if you need anything specific though.
They'll also have valve oil, mutes and gig bags etc.
I know they stock sheet music but I don't think any of it is brass band stuff so, again, why not give them a call.
They are at 106a Crawford Street, London, W1H 2HZ. Tel; 020 7486 8206.
It's about 3 minutes walk from Baker Street tube station.

For Salvation Army band and solo music then, of course, come to us, Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, 1 Tiverton Street, London SE1 6NT.
We are a 2 minute walk from Elephant & Castle station.
We also have our full range of brass band and related CD's on permanent display, a choice of well over 400 CD's in all.
Again, give us a call if you are looking for anything specific and we'll advise you if we have it or not.


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If its anorak heaven you want, then Phil Parkers is definitely the place. I've found them to be really friendly, know their stuff, and they didn't mind my husband spending 3 hours trying out every single cornet and mouthpiece in the place when they wanted to sneak off and watch the fa cup final!!!
SP&S is always worth a look too, especially for a rummage through the reduced price music - we've found some real gems there.

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