Sold/Expired Brass Band Doggy Bandanas


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I'm making and selling Doggy Bandanas to raise funds for rescue dogs. All profits are shared between Stray Aid and the North East Dog Rescue Emergency Fund.
Sizes and Prices are as follows
Small £2.50- to fit a 1cm collar. Suitable for yorkshire terriers, papillions and other toy breeds
Meduim £3.00 - to fit a 2 cm collar. Suitable for cocker spaniels, border collies and other medium breeds
Large £4.00 - to fit a 2.5 cm collar. Suitable for labradors, German Shepherds and other large breeds.
X-Large £4.00 to fit a 3cm collar.Suitable for Great Danes, St Bernards and other very large breeds.

If your dog is an awkward or unusual size, bandanas can be made to order.
P &P is £1.00 for the first bandana, then 50p for every extra bandana you order in the same package


You can also visit our facebook page to view other designs


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What a fantastic idea - can you do one to order for me with just Tubas on? :)

Are you on Twitter too?


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Sorry I'm not on twitter. The material comes with the instruments already printed so I can't do one with just tubas on. If you would like to order one with the assorted instruments on just send me a pm telling me what size you would like and I'll reply with payment details. I should also mention that Added Brass are also selling these on my behalf (with the profits still going to the charities mentioned above) and will have some on their trade stand at Buxton this week.

Other designs can be viewed on the facebook page