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Yep, can't wait to hear the CD! And I heard more than a few compliments about the bass section! How about a commercial studio recording of the Mass? Have a feeling it might be on the cards for next year...although it's gonna be a badly kept secret for now!

Still counting the money...maths isn't my strong point!

Reviews...Steve Hanover is doing one for Brass Band World and Rodney Newton for the Bandsman


Well Pete, if you fancy a trip up to Sheffield we are holding a concert for Brass Band Aid on Saturday September 16th 2006 at the Salvation Army hall, 12 Psalter lane
Look out for more details in the next few weeks but so far I can confirm we have the services of Alan Ramsay as musical director as well as Michael Dodds Euphonium, Nick Hudson Trombone, Kirsty Abbots Cornet, Kate Eggleshaw Horn and the very classy soprano playing of Gary Fountain along with a whole host of the finest brass players from the Salvation Army and contesting movements.
Promises to be a fantastic night!
Watch this space! :D
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jingleram said:
Wow 5 posts in a row! New record surely. Sounds a good concert, shame it's all the way up norf!
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BBA Albert Hall

Hello Tmpers.
Just to let you know we will be on the trade stands at the Albert Hall this weekend, downstairs I think in the basement!
A real thrill for us this year, as we have two of the Brass Band Aid compositions being played, as in premieres, Leyland will be playing Peter Meechans Hymn for Africa, and IP Brass playing Gavin Higgins, Ivory Ghosts, at the pre result concert.
Most of the music from the new Into Africa cd will be for sale on saturday to.

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Never listened to Brand New, but I was just looking something up about them and TBS after reading this thread and it made me think of Yellowcard. I miss that band. Probably the first band I ever really got into. Anyone else remember them?