Brass at Symphony Hall, Pt 2: 1pm Wednesday 18.6.03, Radio 3


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The second broadcast from last year's Brass at Symphony Hall is on Wednesday at 1pm, Radio 3. The programme is as follows:

Rimmer: The Cossack
Vaughan Williams: Variations
(both Grimethorpe)
Hartmann, arr Gay: Fatherland (Roger Webster & Black Dyke)
Grieg, arr Ryan: Last Spring (Cory)
McCabe: The Maunsell Forts (Fodens - 2nd placed performance)
Brahms, arr Wright: Academic Festival Overture (Black Dyke)

The Vaughan Williams came across very well, and the arrangement of the Academic Festival Overture had been revised, but I can't be certain who by - I think Arthur Butterworth).


Peter can I get to listen to this anywhere else, got delayed from going on my dinner yesterday and got in the car on the last chord :evil: :evil: Not a very happy bunny!!!!1


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I thought it was available via the net from the BBC web site but when I had a look just now it doesn't seem to be listed under the Programmes on Demand section.


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Thanks for reminding us about this, Peter. I caught the programme and enjoyed it all, particularly hearing Maunsell Forts, which seemed a far better piece for not being repeated 20 times! Seriously, I did enjoy hearing it much more than I did in Birmingham last September and felt it stood up very well as a piece of music, even in such good company.


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