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Sorry to bother you, but I'm having trouble finding anything that can help me. I recently heard a brass band march called Bramwyn by John R Carr. It was a really nice march and I'd like to know more about it. However, I can't seem to find anything on the net or anywhere else. If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks



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Try Studio Music.

Bramwyn was published by Novello; Studio Music now distribute their publications.

It's a great march!



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If you can't deal with Studio Music directly, why not try band supplies? They are usually excellent at getting music - normally within a few days of you placing the order.


Bramwyn is a great march and John dedicated it to two friends of his - Bramwell and Wyn.

John (Jack) was conductor of Cowpen and Croften Band until they disbanded in the late 1960's when he became conductor of Harton Colliery Band.

I was the Solo Euphonium player in Harton at that time.

James McFadyen

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Straightmute said:
It's a great march!

That's what the adjudicator thought when we played it not so long ago........Was it at Troon? I remember being a little tipsy at the contest rehersal and I can't even remember the contest itself!

But, yes, it is a great March.

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