Bourgeois Tuba Concerto Recording


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Does anyone know of a CD recording of the Derek Bourgeois Tuba Concerto, either studio recorded or live? I bought the solo part yesterday and would like a recording to ease the pain of practicing it! I know it was written for Fletch, but I don't know if he ever did a recording of it.

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Bourgeois Tuba Concerto

Chris, I haven't been able to find a listing for this from my usual sources.
I have my doubts if anyone has attempted to record it.
I remember reading an article about it years ago (probably by John Fletcher in Sounding Brass) and it sounded as if it was a bit of an epic at over 40 minutes long!


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It is over 40 mins I think. Having seen the part I can see why no one has got round to doing a recording... it would take a while! It's more like a symphony with tuba feature, and it's riddled with tricky time signatures. I was hoping there might be a live one knocking about somewhere though. Never mind! :)

Phil Green

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Sorry Ben/Chris,
this is one I haven't done. I've played the "Williams" but not this monster!

For a solo with band the Sparke is hard to beat (and play!!)



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you been boccing the band websites benny boy? :)
p.s. i've got the first 5 tracks edited and on a cd.. il bring it at rehearsal next sunday.
not boccing actually, jst a quickie on phils link
wouldnt dream of lookin at other bands sites, iv got a reputation to keep up you kno...?!?! :wink: like my place in the halle youth orch! haha

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