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On the heals of Hurricane Charley in Florida comes another example of the power of nature. As I watched the news last night the scenes were unbelievable and reminded me of the Lynton and Lynmouth tragedy years ago.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the path of such destructive forces.
i have a few friends who live there, luckily they are ok. but i cant imagine having to clear up after the totaly destruction that happened there. and the bravery shown by the rescue services was amazing.


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Haven't seen any pictures of the devastation but have heard bits and pieces on the news. I can't begin to imagine how those people feel but we are thinking of them too.


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Ditto to everything above.

The TV pictures coming back from the area are horrific. Really makes you realise how powerful nature can be. Very humbling.
I visited Boscastle in June on my first trip to Cornwall and took loads of photos of the village and harbour because it was so attractive.

Strangely enough, on the way back north, I stopped for a night in Lynmouth and saw the photos of the floods in the 50s (?) and also the markers showing where the water level had reached, which I looked at in disbelief.

When I saw the footage of Boscastle on the news the other night, I was absolutely gobsmacked at the devestation caused in such a short space of time. The Lynmouth tradgedy was no longer unbelievable.

A massive well done to the rescue teams and my thoughts are with the people of Boscastle as they start the clear up process.

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