"borrowed" percussion at the area


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Our percussion were mentioned at Preston Contest- told they were outstanding. The glock player also got a mention on 4barsrest as well. Must have added loads to our performance as usually you see something like "bass drum a beat early" or "timps insecure". Our percussion section are fabby dabby though!! :D



I know we get the odd mention, in 5 years I've been mentioned twice, and the last time was about 2 weeks ago at our Association contest. Mind you I also played with Gatehead Brass that day as a borrowed player in the 1st section and got best percussion section. Amazing really as the 3rd section test piece percussion part was 10 times that of the 1st section.

It takes me back to when I was in the Army, we had instrumental contests every year and the percussionists would never win, and we had some brilliant players. This was because the adj's didnt know how to mark percussion, didnt know what they were listning for or whether what they were hearing and watching was right. This was put right in later years when the professor of percussion at the Military School Of Music got involved.

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