Boosey & Hawkes Cornet


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Hi all,

New to the site and just looking for a bit of help Identifying a corner I’ve found in my parents loft.

Not sure I can give much more info other than it has ‘Made by Boosey & Hawkes (Overseas) Ltd’ stamped on it along with a Denis Wick mouthpiece.

Any help would be appreciated.





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B & H had a factory in Malta that I think would have made this cornet (made by rather than made for). A student quality cornet that wasn't too bad. quite similar to a Regent or a Westminster, but perhaps not quite as good quality. Might sell for around £70 - £80 IMHO so long as the slides are not stuck. If they are you have to be pretty careful in freeing them as they are not as robust as some.


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Agreed, probably Malta though there are also cornets made there that were stamped (Malta). The B&H 400 models were made in Czech factories, Amati and Taiwan. The latter can be identified by the main tuning slide being narrow like Getzen. Value is difficult to predict but certainly no more than £75 as long as the DW mouthpiece was included.