Boosey & Co Vintage Trumpet


I have been given a Boosey & Co 'Silbron' Bb/A trumpet (see pics below) and I've just finished refurbing it. It was heavily tarnished, all slides firmly stuck in, and valves very corroded.
I'm trying to date it. I think it must be very old because of the case and the condition it was in. Curiously, I have not been able to find a picture of another one like it despite extensive internet searches. (There are some similar ones but none exactly the same as mine)
It has two serial numbers, one on the bell (130247) and one on the 2nd valve (101859). I've found a website giving all the serial numbers and dates but there's no mention on there of two serial numbers so I dont know which one to use. Does anyone have any info on this?
There again, is it a Trumpet? or maybe a Cornet?


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