Bones North Trombone Choir Event on Sunday,18th April 2018


Bones North Blow/Rehearsal are holding their next trombone choir event on Sunday, 15th April 2018 at our usual Venue:Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Birkhouse Road, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We will start at 2pm promptly through until around 4pm.

Tenor trombones particularly welcome this time, please inform any of your trombone mates who may be interested in joining us for a blow.(Tenor or Bass Trombonists).

Please let me know asap if you are coming along on Sunday,15th April. Either pm me or email for further info or for directions.

I hope that you have not been too inconvenienced by last weeks "Beast from the East".

Thanking you for your continued support and look forward to your replies.

With every good wish,

trombo/Steven Ford

(Bones North Co-ordinator)

The Venue:Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Birkhouse Road, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 4EW (Sunday-15th April 2018)


Correct date for the Bones North Trombone Choir Event is on Sunday,15th April 2018

All welcome including tenor and bass trombonists: but you should read tenor and bass clef.

pm me or for further details and directions.

Thank you for looking.

Steve Ford/trombo


Bones North Trombone Choir Event on Sunday,15th April 2018
Yorkshire-based trombone choir Bones North @ Clifton meet again on Sunday,15th April and all trombonists are welcome to come for a blow! This will be directed by Frank Mathison-ex Bass Trombone legend from the LSO.

Sunday 15th April 2018, 2.30pm
Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Bailiff Bridge, near Brighouse, West Yorks, UK

I look forward to receiving your enquiries and all are welcome to come along to our rehearsal/blow. Tenor trombonists are especially wanted. Ideally you should read both tenor and bass clef. Do drop me a pm or an email and I'll send directions and answer any other queries.
Best wishes,
Steve Ford (trombo)

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