Bolero Baritone Solo


I heard last night that there is a baritone solo of Bolero.
Does anybody know what it is like/where I can get a copy from?
Ravel's Bolero? As a solo???? Crikey! Doesn't that rather defeat the object of the piece? Always thought it was more an exercise in orchestration, which Ravel always does superbly. It just baffles me why anyone would want to make any sort of arrangement of this piece - and a lot of people evidently do. But strip away Ravel's orchestration, and there's very little else left. I've heard of (and played in) various ensemble arrangements, but have never come across a solo arrangement. It must be difficult to keep the interest and tension going for the full 17 minutes!

Di B

HelterSkelter said:
Btw, Di, 2 minutes??? Only if I do it twice!! :roll:

Lol! Of course you are on about your solo... the speed it went last night I am surprised you didn't set the xylophone alight (before it could run down the hill of course!!

Di the innocent xx

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