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I'm sorry, i know am gonna offend a few people here; but....Oh my god! I cannot beleive how sad this whole boc brother thing is!!!! Have you lot got absolutely nothing better to do?

Edit: A Poll has been added to guage the opinion of the rest of the Forum


I'm with you Dave,

Can't believe this will run for the whole series ??

On that point - Is there anyway of blocking all the Boc Brother topics so that I don't have to search through 450 new posts every couple of hours only to find that there are only about 10 that are not 'Make believe' ??

If not I might just not log in again until after the whole things blown over.



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perhaps you could change your thread into a poll.
that way you could see howwell everybody else is taking it


Naruco said:
Yeap only a bit of fun...
If ya not interested, simply dont look at the threads :roll:

Nah, am with Rob! Think al just come back when big/boc brother is done. This stuff is offending my eyesight


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I agree with Deave on this one I'm afraid. It doesn't interest me in the slightest and it is annoying me greatly cos I have to keep picking my through my "posts since last visit" to try and find something vaguely interesting or relevant. Combined with my rubbish PC and slow dial up connection, it is costing me in both time and money.....


I've not read any of the tosh. It gives me CBA just thinking about it. Got better things to do with my time, like practising so I can become a world class brass player.

satchmo shaz

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not my cup of tea, but neither is the one on TV, but it int bothering me either, as long as those who are "in it" enjoy, then its all harmless fun :wink:


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Personally, I am rivitted. Have never fancied watching Big Bro on the telly just for the sake of watching a bunch foul mouthed b******s trying to live and work together for weeks.

For a start, what we have here is all GOOD CLEAN FUN! And with the hand picked bunch of characters in there, it's flippin' hilarious.

There is no reason to desert tMP just because you find one small part of it not your taste. Why bother with flagging the "posts since last visit" on your profile? You can see what's new just by looking at the colour of the tabs on the threads. Just read what you're interested in and ignore the rest.


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I vote for a & c

I am enjoying it. Much of what goes on is quite humorous and I especially like the challenges and punishments. :D

However, I do think it is also a little annoying with some of this make-believe stuff. I just can't follow it.

I also, think that 30 new threads and 600 something posts in three days is cluttering things up. I would like to see them tidy up the big brother household, lock up some of the old threads and keep the new threads to no more than three or four at a time so I can still read the rest of the banding news peacfully.

Naomi McFadyen

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Thing is, we could say that about half the threads on this forum and many many many other forums on the web, but, what's the point?
A forum wouldnt be a forum if it wasn't for pointless threads, informative threads, random threads and fun topics and events!... oh... and SPAM!

:roll: :wink:


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I understand where everyone is coming from here, so I am looking at compiling a new search link called 'latest non BOB Bro posts' that will only return threads not posted within forums related with tMP's BOC Brother.

It will take some coding so please bare with me whilst I attempt to get this developed. A win-win situation will hopefully ensue.

Sorry that tMP seems to be offending some people, but as Dinie has said, there really is no need to desert tMP for the sake of some harmless fun. This is not what we are trying to do.

Look out for the new search link asap.



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Well I'm sorry for being too annoying and sad :( :( Though i understand where your coming from about having to sift through posts. (Though I, like Dinie, usually just look in the forum for the orange posts which i personally find a lot easier. then you can look specifically in the Rehersal room or whatever.) Thanks to tMM for compromising :)


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TheMusicMan said:
so please bare with me
It's all a bit sudden, John!
:oops: :oops:

I was going to suggest that perhaps each forum could have it's own "view all posts since last visit". That way people could ignore "random" if it's not their cup of tea, etc. I have no idea of how you do that or whether it's easy but maybe that would be the easiest way of appeasing everyone. I personally don't use the "view posts since last visit" because i don't read every post. I just pick and choose what I want to look at. If I find a thread interesting, I'll watch it.

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