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We accept your apology, as we agree it wasn't the best quality chair. But then again we are a non-profit making organisation. But we must state that if any further damage is caused to BOC Brother property, you and one of your housemates will be evicted from the house. Period.

How are you getting on with your housemates?

2nd man down

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You are most forgiving BOC Brother, but it would have been funnier if Seedhouse had gone head over heels as planned (no offence seedhouse it wasn’t aimed at you personally!!) :roll:
I’m getting on very well with the housemates I think, they all seem a nice bunch…they were all very supportive when I appeared with cuts and bruises anyway (Thanks for the 63 plasters trombelle, it’s slowed to a seepage rather than a flow now!)
I promise to try not to damage any more property BOC Brother.

2nd man down

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Well between sustaining a torn artery and having gone temporarily blind through a bout of Wiels Disease brought about by Whatsharp’s rat, his shirts haven’t been too much of an issue. But can I just say what a wonderful time I’m having in here!!!

2nd man down

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It'll be a challenge but with the calibre of house mates we have in here I'm sure it's one we'll rise to. :wink:
I haven't actually looked at the quiz yet so I've no idea how easy or difficult it is yet.
Hello Ben,

BOC Brother has noticed that you have a rather annoying 'flashy' avatar. As this is against the rules of the forum would you please go into your profile and change it immediately.

Please do not attempt to change any other profile settings.

Please report back once this has been completed.
Please do not argue with BOC Brother :twisted:

You have 10 minutes to change your avatar.

This is your first official warning

Thank you Ben. :roll: Not what we had in mind, but you have complied with our request.

How are you coping with your fellow housemates?
Ben, the idea of the Diary Room is to 'talk' to BOC Brother in confidence. So please relax, and feel free to answer our questions in more detail.

So how do you think the 'contents' of the bag got there?


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I believe that it was super_sop. Y'see, my cooking isn't very good, cross that with vodka and the "funky chicken dance", and well quite frankly, who-ever didn't upchuck's got a stomach of iron.
Thank you Ben for your honesty. We will be talking to Super_Sop a little later on.

Do you know the difference between an Eb Horn and a Bb Baritone and could you please answer in detail.

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