Blowing on December 25th?

Playing somewhere on Christmas Day?

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Dave Payn

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I think this year will be my first for a while when I haven't played somewhere on Christmas Day. In a strange sort of way, I'll miss it!

So how many tMP users will be playing somewhere on Christmas Day this year? (not including Midnight Masses which carry on into the early hours of Christmas morning)

The Cornet King

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Normally, with my old band we played carols round our local village on Christmas morning which was quite fun.

I havent a prayer of getting out of playing on Christmas day. Granparents come round and cackle..."oooh just play us a few carols lovey..."

Its all good fun really though. :D


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We shall be out at Basildon Hospital on Christmas morning. May be out Christmas Eve as well, but we tend to alternate the two if we have enough players.


I think I am. It was mentioned in the terms of the loan of my instrument i believe, but I did it last year anyway, and am looking forward to this year.

Just a small group of us went around the terraces and played in the square aswell, then onto an old people home.

This year it might not be as easy because im not insured on the car anymore (NOT because i kept crashing, before anybody comments!) so transport might be a bit harder... but i do actually quite want to do it. Ive finally just about grown out of jumping out of bed at 4am to open my presents etc, and if it makes christmas morning more special to a few people along the way it cant be a bad thing. The older people seem to really like it, but it seems a habit thats dying out abit now.

PS: I really hope my essay makes more sense than this post!


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The Cornet King said:
"oooh just play us a few carols lovey "

Thats about how I got started playing. Three families got together for a Christmas do (albeit a couple of days before) and said "why don't we get the kids to play some carols together). 1 flute, 1 cornet, 1 clarinet (me) and no idea of who was playing what in one key. :p Instead of playing loadsa carols to the folks though, we just swapped instruments instead to see who could do what. After a few minutes of tootling about, I had been taught a C major scale and was told "hey, you can come and join our band". The rest, they say, is history.

But nowadays with 2 kids of my own, although they are both in bands now, we do so much for so many in the 4 - 5 weeks leading up to Christmas, we draw the line at playing after Christmas eve morning. Christmas eve evening is the time to settle them down (hey, I still got one who believes at 11 and one who would "like to still believe, but come on, really?") ready for an early :? start Christmas day! :D :D
we have a very busy schedule leading up to Christmas so will not be out on Christmas day. Being the only bander in my household it will be time to sit back and enjoy my family.


PeterBale said:
We shall be out at Basildon Hospital on Christmas morning. May be out Christmas Eve as well, but we tend to alternate the two if we have enough players.

Ten out of Ten for the good old Salvation Army.
Personally i love playing on christmas day, i used to do midnight mass every year then sometimes go out christmas afternoon with a few friends and play for an hour in my local hospital. Worth every minute, the audience are so appreciative as they know you've given up a special day to make others happy. It doesnt take very long, and gets you away from sitting around making small talk to your senile relatives!
My quintet will be playing 3 consecutive Masses on Christmas morning-- thankfully, all at the same church! We're also playing one Mass there on Christmas Eve but, fortunately, not a midnight Mass.

Christmas and Easter are, indeed, the Brass High Holidays.


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I believe one certain Timbloke will be out on xmas day, playing carols that are only sang in Stannington???!



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Since I'm rarely capable of coherent speech on christmas morning, any attempt at playing is likely to result in disaster


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Our band has always played 'down the village' on Xmas morning, usually about ten of us. It's been a tradition as long as I can remember and I've done every year (as far as I know) since I started playing in the senior band. It's just nice, people come out of their houses to listen, there's something very Christmas-card-y about the whole thing. (oh, and there's the friends who offer us a little Christmas spirit to keep us going :) ! )
I usually play euph or Eb, much more fun than the tune (and somehow it becomes so much easier after the first brandy!!!)


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i shall be at my mother-in-law's house in York on Xmas Day, but if anyone tips me the wink I shall pack up Cherylle (my horn, see thread in RCaOT) and be very glad of the excuse to get out of the house for a while! :wink:
Although I believe MiL wants to take her granddaughter LittleBabyBadger to morning mass. Baaaa humbug


We usually get a 10 piece or so, (whoever wants to really), to go round all the wards in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

The patients love it, and the staff give us chocolate.

Everyones happy!


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We play on xmas eve. It's great fun, only a small band goes, but we all get a free drink :D :D :D, and apparently the band gets shedloads of money for it, not that we ever see it............... lol


As an ex SA bandsman i always looked forward to our usual visit to the local geriatric hospital until it closed down and then we went to the local hospice.

it was my last Xmas morning as an SA bandsman when at the hospice we were asked to play "The Day Thou Gavest" for one of the patients. Whilst playing it the lady passed away with what we were told to be the sweetest smile. No Pain, No worries, just a sense of peace. A moment that will stay with me forever. and still brings a tear.

God Blass The Salvation Army! ! ! !
Since the bands formation in 1901 Bradwell Silver Band has allways played on Christmas morning. We start playing at 6am with "Christians Awake" and finish at 9am. The local tradition is that Children are not allowed to open their presents until they have heard the band.
We allways turn out a good sized band including many former members who travel many miles to play.
We enjoy it greatly and receive alot of support from the local community for this event.

Brian Keech (Musical Director)

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