Blowing in the Woods


Here in the Forest of Dean, Pillowell Silver Band have a purpose built band room deep in the woods.
Currently re building for our assault on the 4th section next year, we have a couple vacancies to fill.

We have some players happy to move around so can accommodate players in all areas.

We are more interested in building a friendly band that works together than finding the best players in the world.

So if you are looking for a young, friendly band with a social scene then why not come along for a blow in the woods.

Pillowell is a village in the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire 25 minutes from Gloucester and 15 mins from Chepstow. Call Ian on 07894 998225


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so, if a band rehearses in the woods, and there's no adjudicator there to hear them, are they still wrong?!


Thankfully no adjudicators venture that far into the woods only wild boar, deer and rabbits they don't hang around when we start blowing though