Blistex relief cream


Hi, G here. the subject is Blistex (previously known a Blisteez). there has not been a discussion on this since 2007. the USA co that makes it screwed up when they rebranded/marketed their various products earlietr this year and , so they say in a press release, their factory cannot make this product at the moment.
There is a world wide void of "blistex relief cream", not to be confused with "blistex lip relief cream" which is just like every other lip salver on the market with hundreds of useless ingredients.
So, help, what are people using as a replacement. the secret ingredients seem to be camphor and ammonia. And , of course, NON-GREASY.
Help, fellow banders......


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Just seen this thread - is this to help chapped lips during the carolling season? For some unearthly reason I found (quite by accident) that a smear of toothpaste helps (but don't leave it there!).


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Thanks for that. I have a small sore on my lip due to using too much pressure. Was hoping it may help?


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Treatment of a sore is different to why I use carmex, sadly the version we get here in the UK is different to that in the states which to me gives a better feeling

If you have a cold sore (herpes) not much you can do except use a good treatment such as blisteze and not play until healed

Remaining properly hydrated also is needed to help your chops


Hi, I had "a go" at Blistex on their facebook page. The replies are very interesting-especially as they deleted my first comment for being abusive and some other PC word. I cannot say better than "have a look". Bottom line, the UK licence holder went bust and as Blistex have had a complete rebrand this was the least of their concerns. they say they are working on it, but i'm more than a little cynical :). However, I can report that after spending a small fortune on anything they make like the original Blistex relief, BLISTEX MEDICATED LIP OINTMENT is close. buy on ebay from a UK supplier. happy blowing brother Brass Banders......


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Late to the party.

I'd be careful about using anything but bare basics/essentials...

You don't want to be treating symptoms by introducing chemicals to your lips - you want to be treating the underlying problems.

Keeping yourself consistently well hydrated will do wonders for most players, to the point where you simply don't feel the need or desire to smear on chemical concoctions.

If you must use them, I'd keep it occasional and stick to simple sticks... Something like chopsaver or Burt's bees.

I used to use balms regularly, tried quite a few kinds... I find it much, much better not to use any, except for serious chapping, but that's not a regular occurrence.