Blatant Plug...

I'm looking for someone to try out a few bits of a piece i'm writing.

Its a concert piece not a test piece, although it will be fairly meaty, 4 movements and will end up about 15-20 minutes in total.

The fourth movement is finished, and i have bits of the others. i want to know if my ideas are working, if the movements fit together ok, if the meaning comes across, if the scoring is ok......... (etc etc)

Also, if any 'name' composers would like to have a look and give me a few tips i'd be eternally grateful.

Most of it is on sibelius so i can send scores/parts to anyone who's interested.

thanks a lot. :D
Get in touch with Roger Thorne. I can't speak for the whole of Wem but we're usually a pretty accommodating band and after the areas Rog may be able to organise a thrash through it for you and let you know how it goes.
they played a bit a while ago, it was good but ive done more now, i dont want to keep bothering them with it and i want insight from different people/composers/conductors etc etc.

Hows things by the way?

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