Blaster Virus.....


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Hi All

I see a few posts here on tMP regarding the W32/Blaster Virus and thought I shodl let you know about tMP.

tMP is - so far - 100% free of the Blaster Virus. However, as has been correctly pointed out by members elsewhere on tMP, I would urge you to either install Virus Prevention software such as McAfee Virus Scan, Norton Anit-Virus or Sophos Anti-Virus or any other well known brand and protect your PC from this and other virus's.

There is a free 'patch' or 'fix' available to check and then clean your PC of the current Blaster Virus and this can be found at under then heading "How to remove the W32/Blaster-A Worm". I strongly urge you to install and run this patch ASAP. The Blaster virus spreads unknowingly and quickly through the use of e-mail and www sites that use attachments (pics/files/music) etc...

Let's get rid of this nasty piece of work eh!


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