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I agree with rich, maybe CISWO should get in touch with Messrs Biggs and Mortimer and maybe even the organisers at Pontins before knocking the final nail in the coffin, why not make it the CISWO open contest and seek smaller sponsorship for each section rather than one big sponsor for the whole event and it would be nice if there was a brass related event on the Sunday morning again, like the solo contest

here's hoping...........


Go for it.
Its been going as long as I can remember (and that's a long time!!).
Its a shame they have just cancelled it without seemingly asking the bands normally involved for their views or help.
I think its an important enough contest to try to save.
Even though I've never been involved in the contest you have my full backing.
just spoke to some one at ciswo hq.He said that they are willing to listen to any kind of help ie ways of sponsorship,volunteers at the contest etc.he gave me ball park figure of £25,000 which is needed to run the contest in its present format.they are also willing to meet any band reps if we want to arrange it .so if anybody wants to help u can email me and lets get the ball rolling or we will be at the masters on sunday.surely out of the sixty or so bandsthat go we can sort somthing out .



Blackpool contest

Ok so we are definately going to get some support for the contest to continue, what I suggest is that a number of us get together after the week end and come up with a professional fix for the contest and a definately plan. In the bar at the week end it probably not the best venue if you are to come up with a realistic profesional workable plan.

For the contest to go ahead this year speed has to be the key, so a meeting next week end at a central point to come up with a workable plan. I guess the winter gardens has probably already been booked.

It does need to be a number of people from several different bands or if one band only is represented then that would prevent them from taking part in the contest. So ok a date what about the afternoon of the 31st May. I guess we could invite someone from CISWO to attend. As most of the people who seem to be comenting seem to be from the Midlands I guess a venue in the Midlands for the meeting would be the best option.
great to see all the support for this great contest.the ball is rolling and iagree a meeting does need to take place .hopefully we can gather more momentum after masters .


Ok then best of luck for the Masters and suggest that anyone who is willing an able to attend a meeting next week end somewhere in Nottingham post a message asap.
blackpool miners contest

sorry for any delay in news but have spoke to two people intrested and will let u know when i hear anything else should be sometime next week.


We were told by our MD last night at rehearsal that Stan Lippeatt is trying to sort something out so it may be back on!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

thats what we were told anyway


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:idea: It says in this weeks bandsman that a Major Holiday firm has shown a strong intrest in rescuing the contest.

The name of the firm hasn't been released yet but it says there are meeting going ahead this week to try and complile an appropriate rescue package

havn't even heard of this contest before but thaught might aswell tell you what i've read! :)

:lol: Just been talking to Stan Lippeat.
It appears that a MAJOR SPONSOR hasbeen found for the contest and that they are looking at the weekennd of 28th, 29th,30th November for a Mineworkers Contest at Skegness.

This would be a weekend event similar to Pontins with a 5 section contest on the Saturday, and an Entertainment contest for Championship bands on the Sunday.


If you are contact Stan AND LET HIM KNOW.

Watch out for more details.

The venue has Three large halls for the contests and WARM UP ROOMS.


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That's great news!

A hearty well done to all those involved in this Phoenix-style story. Let's hope it goes on to new and bright things
I've heard it's Butlins that have got involved :?:

Well done Stan!! I went to Blackpool for the first time last year and had a fantastic time. Would be gutted to lose such a great contest from the calendar.

Skeggy here we come!!!!![/b]